[Honor] Release of Credit Rating List of Chinese Pesticide Industry Enterprises in 2017



  On October 14th, the 17th National Pesticide Exchange Conference and Agrochemical Products Exhibition, as well as the 2nd China International Fertilizer Exhibition, held by the China Pesticide Industry Association, opened in Shanghai. During the conference, a list of 53 enterprises that obtained the credit rating of China's pesticide industry enterprises in 2017 was solemnly released to the whole society.

  The credit construction carried out by the China Pesticide Industry Association in the pesticide industry is of great significance for promoting industry self-discipline, maintaining a fair and orderly market environment, and promoting the healthy development of the industry. Industry credit evaluation is the main content of industry credit construction. Under the supervision and guidance of the Ministry of Commerce and the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the China Pesticide Industry Association comprehensively evaluates the credit status of enterprises through strict procedures such as declaration, review, publicity, and review, and determines the credit level. Enterprises are the main body of industry credit construction work, and we hope that the majority of pesticide enterprises can actively participate in credit construction, continuously improve and enhance their own credit level according to strict standards and requirements. The association will vigorously promote the application of evaluation results and create more market opportunities for excellent enterprises. And we hope that enterprises with good credit ratings can cherish honor, always maintain integrity and self-discipline, play a leading and exemplary role in the industry, withstand the test of time and the market, and make new contributions to the harmonious and healthy development of the entire industry.