Winning Terminal Battle 2016 Seizing Future Marketing Training Successfully



At the beginning of the new year, Jiangsu Kuaida Agrochemical Co., Ltd. invited two lecturers from Guangdong Xintianlong Group to successfully complete a two-day training session for Kuaida sales personnel. The sales elites listened attentively to the wonderful sharing of the teachers, fully realized the importance of providing good market service, and were enthusiastic and confident in "Winning the Terminal, Fighting 2016, and Seizing the Future". The training effect achieved the expected results.

This training is hosted by Mr. Zhao Yaxin, Deputy General Manager of Kuaida, and attended by all domestic sales elites, with the main purpose of exchanging terminal service awareness. As a listed company, Jiangsu Kuaida has changed its previous practice of inviting professional training institutions to train frontline employees, often focusing on common themes such as gratitude, wolf culture, and team execution. It has not conducted practical exercises in terminal services. With the development and changes of the industry, terminal services have become increasingly important, and dealers with practical experience have been specially invited for practical training. In this training, Teacher He and Teacher You shared the current development trend of the pesticide market and how to provide good services and hold "Three Harmony Meetings" (observation meetings, farmers' meetings, and promotion meetings) for the decisive terminal. Utilize modern mobile information platforms to better serve distributors and farmers. To truly enter the current market situation, using the words of Kuaida sales personnel is' grounded '. In this training, the sales elites of Kuaida have become more aware of the importance of service, integrating years of experience into a system. Only by forming a service team to serve crops and farmers can we win the terminal. Through this training and exchange, it is also a training and exchange for frontline sales elites of Kuaida and Xintianlong to jointly create a strong alliance, seize the new attempt of the terminal, achieve inclusiveness and sharing between manufacturers and distributors, and will surely add wings like a tiger and create a better future.

Jiangsu Kuaida Agrochemical Co., Ltd., as a leading enterprise in domestic herbicides, has a sales performance of 8 million yuan per capita for domestic sales personnel. It has a strong brand influence in rice and wheat planting areas in China and is deeply welcomed by farmers. Kuaida Agrochemical attaches great importance to internal management and personnel quality improvement, and regularly holds training activities every year. This successful training activity is also one of the company's annual training activities, which will have a positive impact on the completion of 2016 goals and grasping the future.