National Plant Protection Association, New Kuaida Exhibition Style



The 31st National Plant Protection Information Exchange Conference was successfully held at the Hefei International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 22 to 24, 2015. Jiangsu Kuaida Agrochemical Co., Ltd., as a national backbone pesticide enterprise, was invited to participate in this unprecedented event. Kuaida Agrochemical Company, led by General Manager Shi Yongping, participated in the delegation, with 30 main management and sales personnel. The National Agricultural Technology Promotion Center released information on the development trend of diseases and pests in 2016 at the conference. This year, the exhibition scale reached the highest in history, with a total of 150000 participants from 1200 participating enterprises. Kuaida people warmly received the visiting agricultural materials personnel and had in-depth exchanges and negotiations with them. The empty seats and crowded exhibition booths attracted the close attention of the entire venue attendees.




Exhibition site

During the exhibition, Kuaida people paid attention to their image, warmly received customers, and had extensive communication with them. They conveyed product information for 2016 and extensively promoted new products, further enhancing the company's image and product awareness and reputation. Through the exhibition, attendees timely grasped product market information, especially the price execution of similar varieties by various peer manufacturers, providing a reliable basis for the company to formulate product strategies.

Some key customers showed high enthusiasm and took the initiative to negotiate at the conference reception hotel, Xueyuan Building. The atmosphere was warm and the company was full of confidence in the cooperation in 2016. At the same time, the company leaders carefully listened to the reasonable suggestions of customers, which helped adjust market strategies and further improved the loyalty and trust of key customers towards Kuaida Company.

Kuaida has successfully relocated, with a new look in the new area, advanced equipment, and advanced automation technology. Through the exhibition booth, it fully showcases the image of the new Kuaida company. There were many visitors and consultants, and both old and new customers reached preliminary intentions for 2016 during the exhibition, further enhancing the promotion of the company's new image.





Exhibition booth image effect

Rapid news of new products from Kuaida:

1. 25% Dichloroquinolinic acid SC (silver hoe), registered as rice, controlled as barnyard grass

2. 10% chlorpyrifos WP (Lingjing), registered as rice and wheat, controlled against broad-leaved weeds

3. 70.5% Dimethylazolidone WP (Jiazun), registered as rice and wheat, controlled by broad-leaved weeds

4. 10% ammonium glyphosate water agent (Jinkuida), registered as non arable land and orchard, controlled against annual monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous weeds

5. 200g/L glyphosate (silver fast), registered as non arable land, orchard, controlled against annual monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous weeds

6. 50% Isourea WP (Likuoduo), registered as tobacco, chili, tomato, controlled against tobacco brown spot disease, chili wilt disease, tomato early blight disease

7. 50% trifluoromethane WP (Maijing), registered as wheat, controlled against broad-leaved weeds such as Artemisia selengensis, shepherd's purse, and sumac

8. 60% Pyroyl Isopropanone WP (Qianjinmai), registered as wheat, controlled against broad-leaved weeds such as Artemisia annua, Shepherd's purse, and Zeqi, as well as grasses such as Poa pratensis, Kanmai niang, hard grass, and meshwood.

9. Paddy field herbicide water dispersible granule series: 30% bensulfuron methyl WDG (rice grass), 68% pyrazon methyl benzothiazide WDG (fast up to 68), 69% bensulfuron methyl benzothiazide WDG (fast up to 69), 53% bensulfuron methyl benzothiazide WDG (rice zun), to control weeds in rice monocots and dicots.

Kuaida's Future Outlook:

Guided by the Scientific Outlook on Development, starting from cultivating sustainable development of enterprises, with economic benefits as the center, and in accordance with the requirements of modern enterprise systems, Kuaida Agrochemical carries forward the corporate spirit of "integrity, innovation, unity, and struggle", highlights the advantages of the enterprise's reputation, technology, and capital, increases capital investment, establishes a sound innovation system and incentive mechanism, and enhances the independent ability of the enterprise, Develop cutting-edge new varieties and dosage forms, expand and strengthen leading products (herbicides for paddy and wheat fields), and develop towards scale (glyphosate, glyphosate), intensification, and industrialization to achieve sustainable development of the enterprise.