A New Technique for Secondary Closed Rice Direct Seeding Weeding



According to the characteristics of 2-3 peaks in the occurrence of weeds in direct seeding rice fields, the use of secondary closure technology has achieved a weed control effect of over 90%, which is economically effective.

Technical features:

1、 High safety: after sowing, the rice direct seeding field is evenly spray for the first time with 80-100g of 35% Benazor • Prochloraz wettable powder (Direct seeding Feng) every 667m2, which has no adverse effect on seedling emergence safety; After 15 days of sowing (seedling 2.5-3 leaf stage), 68% pyrazol • benzothiazide wettable powder (Lebangnong) was sprayed with 50-60 grams of toxic soil for the second time, which was safe and showed no harmful effects on the seedlings.

2、 Broad spectrum and high efficiency: During the two peak periods of emergence in rice direct seeding fields, the use of 35% benazolin • propafenone wettable powder (direct seeding Feng) and 68% pyrazolin • benzothiazide wettable powder (Lebangnong) for two closures can effectively control single and double leaf weeds such as barnyard grass, millet, duck tongue grass, eye vetch, flatgrass, and heterotypic sedge in the direct seeding field. At the experimental dose, the second application of 15 days' plant control effect is 90%, and the 30 day application of 30 days' plant control effect is above 88%, The fresh weight control effect is above 91.8%.

3、 Cost economy: The cost per acre is only 15 yuan

Technical points:

1、 Two blockers: 35% Benazolin • Prochloraz wettable powder (direct seeding); 68% Pyrazol Benzothiazide WP (Lebonnon)

2、 Suitable period and method of use: 35% benazol • propiochlor wettable powder (direct seeding Feng) should be sprayed evenly within 1-3 days after sowing for the first time. (It should be done early rather than late to ensure the first sealing effect. Before applying the medicine, the seeds should be soaked to promote germination, so that the sprouts and grains can fully absorb the safety agent. When applying the medicine, the field surface should be kept moist and free of water accumulation.). For the second time, 68% pyrazol benzothiazide wettable powder (Lebonnon) should be used, and the seedlings should be spread evenly between 2.5 and 3 leaf stages (i.e. 15-18 days of sowing). (There is a shallow water layer when applying the medicine, and it should be kept for 3-5 days to ensure its full efficacy.)

3、 Dosage of medication: From the results of experimental closure and cost of medication, the recommended dosage for the first closure of rice direct seeding fields is 100 grams of 35% benazolin • propafenone wettable powder (Direct seeding Feng), and for the second closure of rice fields, 50 grams of 68% benazolin • benzothiazide wettable powder (Lebonnon).